DTE Program – Energy Efficiency Assistance Program

This is not the EAP (Energy Assistance Program) the SVdP Detroit has been helping with for the last few years, but a Vincentian brought it to our attention, and we thought we would share.

“If you’re having trouble managing your energy bill, the Your Energy SavingsSM program offers assistance. We’ll help you make improvements to your existing home at no cost if you meet the qualifications*.

The following services are available through approved weatherization agencies and subcontractors in your community:

  • Installation of five compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs
  • Replacement of inefficient refrigerators — based on on-site testing — with high efficiency ENERGY STAR refrigerators
  • Installation of a high-efficiency variable speed motor when replacing a gas furnace
  • Installation of insulation and infiltration improvements
  • Replacement of inefficient equipment, such as furnaces, with high-efficiency equipment
  • Installation of programmable thermostats – gas heating only
  • Energy conservation and weatherization education

*To qualify for Energy Efficiency Assistance, you must be eligible for the Department of Energy weatherization program and your household income must be at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines….”

 Full article

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