Every child deserves a new coat

 “If the poor would only get out and find work, they would not be poor!” This common misconception pacifies the conscience of many people. Instead, Jesus says that we shouldn’t let people suffer; we must reach out to them. He is neither suggesting  that we respond nor  us to; he is demanding that we do. In Matthew’s gospel, Chapter 25 vs. 31-46, Jesus  states quite clearly that we will be judged by God as to how well we care for those who are disadvantaged. This past summer the Michigan Legislature did away with a little known benefit for children. The State used to offer a $75.00 clothing allowance to children who live in poverty. $75.00 in this day and age does not buy a lot of clothing. But it made a difference in whether a child was warm or not during cold Michigan winters. St. Vincent dePaul is taking up where the State left off. We want every child to have a warm coat this winter. That is why we are holding our “Bundle Up Michigan Coat Drive”.  Corporations such as Office Express, Polk Inc and Flame Furnace have stepped up to assist St. Vincent de Paul to fill the gap created when the legislature eliminated the $75.00 clothing allowance for children who live in poverty.  I am sure we all remember growing up and trying on last winter’s coat and finding that it no longer fit.  How many children this winter will find themselves in that same predicament? Won’t you help. If you have children who have grown out of their last winter’s coat and you have already bought them a new one, please consider donating the old ones. If you would like to donate new coats or make a cash donation for new coats, you may do that as well. In doing so we heed the command of Jesus to reach out to those who are in need.

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