More in Michigan living in Poverty

You probably have seen or heard the news from  the latest census where  nearly 15% of our neighbors in Michigan are living in poverty! That is up from under 10% 10 years ago. Poverty is defined as a family of 4 with household income of about $22,000. In addition, there are many more who are on the verge of falling into poverty. Unemployment benefits are rulnning out for many of our neighbors. People and organizations who track this information say that the future is very bleak with even more falling below the poverty line in the next few years. As part of it Strategic Plan, SVdP Detroit has set a very ambitious goal to respond to these sobering statistics. Our goal is to have 100% coverage of services in every zip code from Monroe to Port Huron! In order to accomplish this our number one priority is to recruit and train volunteers to help us help our neighbors who fall below the poverty line.  We will be kicking off our strategic plan at a Town Hall  meeting called Vision 2015 on Novermber 6th. For more details see our website at

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